Amazing Benefits of Money Plant At Home

Amazing Benefits of Money Plant At Home


Many people keep money plant in home because they believe that it bring prosperity, good luck and money to house. Money plant's scientific name is Epipremnum or Scindapsus aureus. Money plant is supposed to be "Good Luck Tree". Money plant is the most common household plant that one can easily spot it indoors in homes, offices, shops, balcony, cafes for prosperity and wealth.


Money plant is best air purifying plant that energize the house by filtering air and increases oxygen flow. It also absorbs harmful radiations and gases produced by electronic home appliances at our home. 


Now, let us discuss some - 


Important Amazing Benefits of Money Plant At Home


1) Absorbs Radiations - We often have seen money plant placed near TV, Computer, routers and other devices because it absorbs the harmful radiations generating from the electronic home appliances. 


2) Brings Prosperity And Wealth - As money plant is supposed to be a "Good Luck Tree", it is supposed that it attracts money and wealth. 


3) Sleep - Money plant helps to reduce stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders.


4) Financial Stability - The leaves of money plant resemble the currency notes hence believed that keeping money plant in home will increase financial stability by attracting money.

5) Decoration - The beautiful green and yellow leaves of money plant in home will give you fresh feel and thus increases positive energy at home.


6) It neutralizes the sickly feelings by absorbing negative energies in your home.


7) Cleans aquarium water - Money plant growing in aquarium water tank makes the water free from nitrates, which is harmful to fishes.


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