Simple Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Lockdown

Simple Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Lockdown

Simple Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Lockdown


In Covid-19 Panadamic, lockdown situation, everyone has to stay indoors for 15-21 days. Many of us are worrying about how to spent this time by just sitting inside home? But don't worry. You can spent this free time for constructive purposes like developing your hobbies,learning new things and so on. Let us discuss more...


Simple Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Lockdown


1) Meet your friends, family online -  Using Zoom, Skype and other platforms, you can chat with your friends, family members easily. Just by chatting online, you can arrange some competitions with friends like cooking, singing and many things that can entertain you.


2) Limit your time on Social Media - You can focus on yourself by reducing the use of social media platforms. You can spent some time by reading books to increase the knowledge.


3) Mediation - By doing Mediation daily will definitely help you more. Mediation is nothing but the relaxing and focus or concentrate your mind with the help of breathing exercise, repeating a mantra, walking around in nature etc. Mediation reduces stress, improves health, may help to increase self-awareness.


4) Yoga - Yoga helps to control mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to gain more peace of mind. We can manage stress, anxiety and keep mind relax by Yoga. 


5) Collaborate with your child - Discuss with your kids about how will they spent this free time, what are their activities? Collect the ideas suggested by them.


6) Learn Something new - You can join online learning platforms to learn something new. You can learn website coding, cooking and so many things while sitting at home.


7) Plan your future - You have now free time to plan about your future goals. Create the perfect master plan for your business & activities to conduct and then try to implement when the lockdown ends.


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