Top 10 Easy Tips To Improve Your Bike's Mileage

Top 10 Easy Tips To Improve Your Bike's Mileage


When we plan to buy a new bike in India, first thing we take into consideration is the mileage of bike. i.e. how much kilometre (KM) the bike runs by consuming fuel. 

Due to heavy traffic and increasing fuel prices, it is becoming hard to maintain the mileage. As the Mileage is a key factor for bike, no one will like to purchase bike with low mileage. 

Better the mileage, lower is the fuel consumption and hence saving of money.


So, If you are looking to increase the mileage of your bike, below are the - 


Top 10 Easy Tips To Improve Your Bike's Mileage.


1) Get your bike services regularly - Time to time servicing of your bike will definitely keep your bike in good working condition, increase life of vehicle and increase engine health better. Check engine oil regularly. Selecting right engine oil will surely increase mileage. 


2) Maintain recommended air pressure - Tyres are the only contact point between bike and road and hence make sure tyres are in good condition and have optimum pressure. Low pressure in tyre requires more power to run, will consume more fuel and hence will lower the mileage.


3) Carburetor settings -  If your bike mileage is not improving, you need to check the Carburetor settings. This will help to restore the engine performance and hence increasing the mileage of bike. 


4) Avoid rash driving -  Riding bike with high speed and sudden breaking is supposed as rash driving which may cause serious damage in engine and. You can achieve higher mileage by driving your bike at moderate and constant speed specified by company.  


5) Switch off bike on traffic signals - If traffic signals are longer than a minute, then you should turn off engine. This saves both fuel and engine health also.


6) Avoid parking at sunlight - As sunlight causes evaporation of fuel. More the fuel is vaporized, more the mileage will drop. It is good practice to park your bike in shade.


7) Drive with correct gears - For optimum fuel utilization, drive your bike at correct gears. 


8) Use bike clutch gently - Be gentle with bike clutch while driving bike.


9) Avoid roads with heavy traffic -  In heavy traffic, you continuously need to change gears, causing to burn more petrol. During traffic signals, you can switch off the engine when not needed. Best way is to avoid the roads with heavy traffic.


10) Lubricate Chain - You need to clean and lubricate the bike chain regularly to work smoothly and fine.


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