Top Vastu Tips For Money, Prosperity & Happiness.

Top Vastu Tips For Money, Prosperity & Happiness.


We invests our many years hard earned savings or money to buy our dream home called Vastu. Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science of Architecture guiding us about rearranging home, decorating home or placing am items in home according to Vastu to generate positive effect-energy. Vastu Shastra helps us to create good vibes & positive energy in Home.  Perfectly planed or arranged home according to Vastu Shastra helps us to attract more money, prosperity and happiness in our life. Many people ask for "Can we earn more cash with Vastu help?" or "Is money flow will be heavier if we do Vastu correction?"...So many Questions. Answer will be Simple. You may follow the some important Vastu tips, that may help you much. 


Top Vastu Tips For Money, Prosperity & Happiness.          


1) Money Plant - Keeping Money plant at home will bring good luck and positive energy at home. You can put money plant in bottle or in pot.


2) Kuber Yantra - Fix a kuber yantra on the north wall of home to bring in financial growth and prosperity because according Hindu mythology Lord Kuber is supposed to be sign of wealth, glory and gold.


3) Decorate the main door with Torans and beautiful name plate of your name as these things are highly auspicious. Also pay an attention to quality of wood while constructing main door. Don't paint main door with black color.


4) There should not be a shoe rack or dustbin near or out side the main door.


5) As the Lord Ganesha is called "Vighna harta", there should be an image of Lord Ganesha out side main door is some space is available.


6) Add a wind chime with metal balls on the windows of the living room, it's sound will remove negative energy.


7) In North wall hang a mirror.


8) Paint the wall of bedroom with fresh and neutral color shades. This will create positive energy and get you piece of mind.


9)  Never put pictures or posters of temple and water in bed room also avoid mirror in bed room as it causes quarrels between couple.


10) Avoid sleeping under overhead beam. South west corner place is best for bed.


11) A toilet door right opposite the kitchen is not favorable.


12) Kitchen color should have bright and fresh color to feel family happy.


13) There should not be any leaking pipes in kitchen, it can be symbol of wealth being drained from the family.


14) Tulsi plant - In nearly every Hindu household this plant can be found because Hindu people worship the Tulsi Plant for prosperous & piece of mind. Best place to plant  Tulsi, according to Vastu Shastra, is platform at the home which is higher than the base of your house. Also Vastu suggests to keep Tulsi plants in odd numbers i.e. one, three, five, seven etc. Never put Tulsi plant near thorny plants like Cactus. 


15) Give away the non working clocks or watches or any material as they generates negative energy.


16) In cash box, You may place Mahalakshmi Yantra or cash pyramid to attract wealth.


17) Never use material from old building while constructing a new one.


18) Avoid keeping Television or computer in bedroom. Their ideal place is south east corner of living room.


19) Place the picture of bright sunlight or happy family picture in your living room.


20) Never put a mirror in kitchen.


21) Never place thorny plants like cactus in room.


22) Keep the broom out of the sight of anyone.


23) There should no high trees whose reflection falls on our house.


24) Place a aquarium containing 9 Goldfishes with one black fish in north-east corner of house.


25) Light incense sticks or dhoop daily in the evening.


26) Your face should be towards North-East while worshiping of God.


27) Grease the doors of house (Door hinges) periodically, as the hinges of door should be noiseless.


28) Toilet should be avoided in the Study area.


29) Never place washing machine near the study room.


30) Place fresh flowers instead of dead or artificial flowers.


These above all the above are the Top Vastu Tips For Money, Prosperity & Happiness. 


Disclaimer: The information included at this blog, post, site is for educational purposes only. The reader should consult with the expert to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.


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